Actually Aspling’s Updates

I feel as though its been a lifetime, almost a year in fact, and what a year it has been.

I do want to get back into blogging, writing and using my creativity. But I do not have much time, in between my PhD, social media efforts and home life, things are very full on. But I am aiming to write more, in this space, with all of you.

My words are my power, my narrative, my voice. The allow me to communicate my experiences in often an abstract creative yet unconventional way.

I am here on this earth for a reason I believe, maybe not so much blogging, but to educate, to strive for change, to do more with my life.

I do not promise great things, but I am hopeful. So watch this space, and my journey continues, as my life unfolds, as the universe guides me.

I am thankful for you, the reader, the perspective giver, the friend, the supporter. You make this worthwhile.

Aspling x

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