Actually Aspling’s Covid Vaccine

Yesterday I received a phone call inviting me to get my covid vaccine, and today I went for my first dose. I was given the vaccine as I am on my GPs disability register, and I am also a carer for my husband.

My mum drove myself and my husband to where I would be getting the vaccine, my husband accompanied me as he is my carer and the idea of going alone terrified me.

We arrived and walked over to the building where we had to queue outside, having our temperature taken as we entered the building. Once inside we were directed to a woman who was handing out leaflets about the vaccine we would be getting, the Astra Zeneca.

We then made our way over to the first waiting area, where we roughly waited 10 minutes, until we were called to get up and queue to check in. At our turn, we walked up to the counter where I was asked for my name and handed paperwork, including questions about my general health and nationality.

We were then instructed to join another queue (the third queue of the day), we were then given a seat in a second waiting room. It was crowded, but everyone was socially distant throughout the process.

At this point someone was supposed to go through our pre-assessment, the paperwork, although for most it never got completed, the “admin” worker would pace back and forward instead, meaning our paperwork was incomplete.

My appointment slot was 11:55, I was sat in the waiting room till 12:30, still waiting. The way people were chosen and directed for the vaccine was very unorganised and honestly could have been handled much more efficiently.

Eventually I was called forward, and by this point my anxiety was already through the roof, having to move from one waiting room to another, and standing in multiple queues, not entirely sure what was happening; I just went where I was directed.

I was directed to a table where I had to wait for a bay to become empty, then I was sent to a small table, where a nurse offered me a seat. I sat down and burst into tears, I was so overwhelmed by the whole process, and the fact I’m scared of needles made things ten times worse. I didn’t know what to expect, and I was dreading the sensation.

I looked away, hiding in my husband’s coat, and suddenly it was over. That was it. No pain, no scratch, nothing, I felt nothing. It was over so fast. Honestly, the anticipation and waiting was worse than the injection. The build up bothered me the most. I was told about a few side effects, including a heavy arm, which I felt almost instantly, and I’m still feeling now.

A few minutes later I was given my card detailing the vaccine I had and the date on, and instructed to exit via a back door. At this point I’d stopped crying and was starting to calm down.

The whole experience wasn’t a problem, other than the multiple unecessary waiting rooms and queues. Although there were times where I would become slightly distressed, luckily I had my husband to calm me down, if I had been alone I wouldn’t have coped.

A further disadvantage was the waiting time to do the questionnaire. I think these could be done before hand to speed up the process. But all in all it went well, and I’m happy I had the vaccine, and I’m proud of myself.

If you can get the vaccine, do it. It’s quick and painless. The whole process was easy, albeit took a while. And now I’m home and resting.

Update: I had the vaccine at around 12:40, it’s now 9pm. My arm aches (a lot!), I’ve got a minor headache and my joints are achy. I’ve taken paracetamol for the pain which has helped. I find that when I’m ill or uncomfortable I’m extra sensitive to pain (I’m extra sensitive to pain anyway!). Just wanted to give an update on how I’m feeling hours after!

I still recommend getting the vaccine if you are able! 🧠🦠💉

4 thoughts on “Actually Aspling’s Covid Vaccine”

  1. you did very very well having the Vaccine ,. i have had the FIERST ONE is close too Meltdown .i have Aspergers and M.E . … my blog.http;// twitter.supersnopper how badly does Noise effect You MARK

  2. It sounds like you did amazing!
    I struggle too with all the waiting and not knowing how long I’m going to have to wait.
    Often by the time I finally get to see a doctor or nurse I’m already burnt out from that uncertainty x

  3. it helps a great deal too have a good cry Runny Snotty Nose .,HELPS ME SO MUCH ..IT WOULD HELP YOU A GREAT DEAL TOO ,TAKE PART IN RESEARCH your self i am from England .when i am AWARE it is going to be a LONG Wait ..what i do is .THINK what nice thing i am going to be doing with MY FAMILY ..Children.Wife ., Mark

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