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Actually Asplings Hunt for Comfort

When I was younger I absolutely hated wearing a bra, they were too tight, itchy, and generally uncomfortable. As an adult I’ve learnt the benefit of wearing one, in that they hold everything in place.

A reaccuring theme ive heard amongst Autistic women is the sensory issues that come with wearing a bra, for example the fit, not to mention the stress of shopping for one.

There’s too much choice, and being indecisive I can be stood browsing the same bra shop for hours… Literally. There’s so many different options to choose from, it’s never simple. There’s different styles, for example, balcony and plunge. Then there’s lacy bras, t-shirt bras and the varying colours and patterns. It’s all too much to process.

I find bra shopping exhausting usually, most places don’t have my size in stock to try on, or the shops are too crowded. However, the other day I decided to look in Victoria’s Secret, not knowing that they catered for my size. I had a brilliant and pleasantly surprising experience.

The shop had a logical layout, showcasing a variety of bras but not too many that it was overwhelming. The shop was surprisingly quiet, with the music being low and the lights dimmed, all of the things I preferred.

Throughout the shopping process I was supported by a lovely member of staff who guided and advised me on what bras to choose. This made navigating the shop easier and less stressful.

In the end I chose a powder pink t-shirt bra. I chose this for several reasons. The fabric was incredibly soft on my skin, the fit was perfect, and most importantly I felt comfortable. This bra was 100% perfect for me, there were no sensory issues and the size was right.

I had previously been fitted at another shop and honestly I disliked the atmosphere and the staff attitudes, plus I’m pretty sure they sized me completely wrong.

This was my first time shopping at Victoria’s Secret but my experience was extremely positive and I’d 100% recommend them for bras. Its a fantastic shopping and sensory experience.

1 thought on “Actually Asplings Hunt for Comfort”

  1. Thanks for sharing this!

    I’ve recently gotten to know about sister sizes when it comes to bras so if my usual size isn’t working for me I’ll try the sister size in the same brand and style to see if it fits a bit better and it usually does. I’m a 32D but I recently purchased a 34C bra and was impressed by the fit and comfort. Something to consider! 🙂

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