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Actually Asplings Official Christmas Blog ๐ŸŽ„

It’s here! My much anticipated Christmas blog! Honestly though, this year I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to write about. I’ve been so busy and caught up in everything I’ve not had a chance to plan.

Christmas is such a busy time of year, there’s so much to do and organise before December 25th.

There’s the end of work and all the fancy Christmas parties, organising the office for the New Year and so much planning! It can be a hectic time for any organisation. But for me I’ve found work to be incredible as always.

Then there’s the family planning. The Christmas tree, all the decorations, the present shopping and buying all the amazing food. There’s so so much to remember during this festive season, it can sometimes become overwheming.

I honestly love this time of year, it’s my absolute favourite! I just enjoy everything about it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t find it difficult, because at times I do. I find it noisy, too bright, too crowded, and there’s too many demands.

People think that during Christmas I’m a Grinch, but people don’t understand that the Grinch actually loved Christmas, it was the people he hated.

It’s often hard for people to understand that sometimes I just need alone time, time to recharge. Being social 24/7 can be tiring, staring at Christmas tree lights can be too much, Christmas music can be overwhelming.

It’s not that I’m being unsociable or a Grinch, it’s just that it’s exhausting keeping it all up for long periods of time.

I recently spoke about my experiences at Christmas to the with Autistic Society, and it was interesting to hear similar perspectives, in that many Autistic people do enjoy the holidays, it can just be too much sometimes.

Christmas although overwhelming is fantastic, it’s such a festive holiday full of family and fun. I hope wherever you spend it it’s a happy one!

You can read last year’s post here: I’m sure it’s different in some way and could possibly be more informative!

Merry Christmas,

Love Aspling x