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Sensory Inclusive Events @ AEW

Have you ever gone to an event and felt completely overwhelmed? This happens to me all the time. I love attending events like concerts, theatre productions and even wrestling shows, but sometimes my senses become over loaded. Busy venues, loud noises, bright lights – no thank you!

Autism Friendly events are cropping up around the UK, with the launch of many sensory shopping days, something which is proving to be a success. However the wrestling business is taking things a step further!

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is an American Professional Wrestlling Promotion which was founded in January 2019. The company is host to many well known professional wrestlers including: Kenny Omega (former New Japan Pro Wrestling) and Chris Jericho (former WWE).

Recently it was announced that wrestling company All Elite have partnered with KultureCity, an organisation which “fights against the exclusion and segregation of children with Autism“, with the hopes of raising awareness and acceptance for those on the spectrum.

The newly founded wrestling company are embracing those with sensory processing difficulties, hosting the first sensory inclusive wrestling event in history at the AEW ‘Double or Nothing’ show on May 25th.

Brandi Rhodes, Cheif Brand Officer of AEW announced that “Sensory inclusive events cater towards people who have trouble processing sensory information when they are at large events”. 

The company want their events to be inclusive, ensuring accessibility for everyone, including those with sensory needs. A range of stim toys are to be provided, along side noise cancelling headphones and safe rooms to offer a calming environment, but still enabling individuals to watch the show.

As an autistic wrestling fan I am 100% behind this endeavour, and wish AEW wrestling all the best with their shows.

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