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Actually Aspling’s Awesome Collections!

I’m a sucker for cute things, anything pink and glittery and I’m sold, even better if it has those kawaii anime eyes. I especially love squishies!As a child I collected nail brushes, I had all different shapes, sizes and colours which I kept in a basket under bathroom sink. As I grew older I then started to collect the original TY Beanie Babies; and I was obsessed with collecting them! I had so many and couldn’t stop collecting them! Sadly, my collection was destroyed, being eaten by mice in the attic of my old house, so I no longer have these.

As a teenager, and even more so now I collect postcards. Mainly art cards. I’m a big art enthusiast and sculpture lover, so every where I go I buy postcards of my favourite pieces. This way I can put them up at home as a great reminder as of my trip, for example my cards from the Museum of Modern Art in New York.Recently I’ve been collecting squishies, I have a few of the plasticky ones which I keep in a box for when I need them. These are great for on the go squishing. I even keep the plastic packets and tags which all my squishies come in, I don’t know why I keep these but I do. But my all time favourites are my Squeezamals. At the moment I only have four of these. These squishies are super cute and made from an ultra soft material, and they have a slow bounce back motion like memory foam, which is so satisfying!Sometimes I become obsessed with collecting things. I feel as though I need to collect them, like it’s a mission. Once I start I can’t stop; but this just shows my determination.

I absolutely love collecting things and have no doubt I’ll have more very soon!